It is recommended to use Google Chrome. Online videos can be watched directly (on mobile phones, horizontal videos, click full screen, and turn the phone horizontally to automatically full screen). The resources in the network disk area must be downloaded and unzipped before they can be watched. The network disk collection resources must be transferred to your own network disk first, then downloaded to the local computer, and then decompressed and watched with third-party decompression software. Please do not use the network disk to decompress and watch it in the network disk to avoid invalidation. If you cannot do this, please do not purchase network disk resources. . When downloading network disk resources, be sure to read the "Frequently Asked Questions and Help" in the navigation bar, which contains tutorials and precautions. The purchase records of users on this site will not be permanently retained. Therefore, after purchase, if you want to watch it later, it is best to download and retain it within 10 days. More than 99% of the dance club resources on this site have no private watermarks (except for the producer)
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